Monday, 11 June 2012

Chanel Blue Boy

Blue jeans are the most beautiful things since the gondola.
-Diana Vreeland

When I went to London a couple of weeks ago I picked up two very special polishes, and I'm showing you one of them today. I can't justify spending too much money on one nail polish so the high-end brands have always been denied to me, but I realised in London that I had almost £40 worth of points on my Boots card! (I'm really trying not to think about the amount of make-up/nail polish/whatever I must have bought that led to this sum...) So I popped into Boots to see if there was anything I fancied, and lo and behold, there was a Chanel stand.

So basically, what my rambling is leading to is that I bought Chanel Blue Boy from the Les Jeans collection! It's my first Chanel polish, and it's even more special because it was technically free. I ummed and ahhed over which one to get, but it probably comes as no surprise that I ended up with a blue. I chose Blue Boy because it's the medium shade of the three Les Jeans polishes, and probably the most wearable as it's neither too bright nor too dark; too summery nor too autumnal.

Anyway. Photos, yes?

Gawd, I loooove this colour! But the formula was, erm, okay. Only okay. The polish was a good consistency and didn't pool at my cuticles, but it took a I had to wait ages between each coat (I did two), which was a bit of a pain. It's not one to paint your nails with as you're heading out the door. Given how much the polish costs - £17.50!!! - I would have expected better.

Regardless of the fact I could have run a marathon in the time it took for Chanel Blue Boy to dry, I'm still really glad it's entered my collection. It's a lovely colour that works all year round. Tomorrow I'll be showing you the other high-end polish I got. :)

Do you have any high-end nail polishes? Can you justify spending so much more on a polish for the brand name alone when the formula might not make it worth the price?


  1. I've never spent much on nail weakness is makeup.

    1. We're total opposites then! I tend to buy quite cheap make-up, excepting mascara. XD

  2. Cheap or expensive I don't care so long as I get to wear crap loads of it.

  3. Such a pretty blue but I would not be happy if the formula was so blah on an expensive polish. I am quite a cheapskate when it comes to polish because of the quantities I buy. I have a problem with spending more than $5 on a bottle of polish. lol The most expensive brands I own are Illamasqua, Layla and Deborah Lippmann...all under $20. Even then I try to wait for sales or whenever I see coupons/codes. Make-up is another story. I spent a small fortune on my make-up collection but now I feel like I have EVERYTHING so I just don't need to keep purchasing more stuff. I bought the Nubar trio that is a dupe of this Chanel collection and I love it!

    1. If I limited myself to $5 (about £3.20) per nail polish, it wouldn't go very far over here! Even Barry M, which is one of the cheaper brands, is £2.99 each. Nail polish is just very expensive here for some reason. Sigh.
      Well, at least with make-up it sounds like you know when to stop. I don't think there are very many of us nail bloggers who can say the same about nail polish, can we?! XD