Saturday, 3 March 2012

Revlon Grape Fizz

Here is the second of the Revlon scented nail polishes I bought, Grape Fizz. It's a vivid purple polish with a glass fleck finish. I'd say it was red-toned, but I swear I could almost see a blue flash at certain angles. As with Grapefruit Fizz it's very sheer but I was silly and didn't layer this one. I used three coats in the photos below; I should've used four. It's not very obvious in real life, but in the photos you can see some VNL.

As the name suggests, when the polish dries it smells like grapes. It genuinely did, and it really made me want some grape juice! Even though I used a top coat the smell persisted for a couple of days, which was a pleasant surprise, and probably would have endured for longer if I hadn't decided to take it off.

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