Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Chain Nails

Here's another manicure that I've worn to my internship recently. I don't have many neutral-tone polishes, but Revlon Smoky Canvas is one of the few. It's a light grey creme with a bit of yellow in it that comes out particularly under artificial light. So it's kind of...greige? It's very work-appropriate, but it's actually a really nice colour. I did three coats and the formula was brilliant - it went on like a dream. Why can't every polish be so easy to apply?!

I was going to wear Smoky Canvas on its own, but inevitably decided that was boring so I used some Andrea Fulerton nail stickers to jazz it up a bit. These ones are a chain design, and I used them almost as a French manicure at the tip of each nail.

In case you're wondering what my internship is, it's as a conservation assistant at an historic house in Surrey (think Downton Abbey and you're along the right lines). I actually have a paid job as a conservation assistant at another property, but I'm trying to pad out my CV so I'm combining the two. It means I get to handle priceless artefacts such as Turner paintings, Sèvres china and Fabergé trinkets, which is pretty special. :)