Monday, 10 September 2012

Nails Inc Little Miss Splendid

I've wanted Nails Inc Little Miss Splendid for ages and I finally caved at the same time I bought Baker Street. As the name suggests it comes from the Little Miss collection that Nails Inc came out with last year (I also have Little Miss Naughty, which is the most perfect purple creme ever).

Little Miss Splendid is a light sea green with blue shimmer. The shimmer isn't really in-your-face on the nail, but it is visible. It's a really nice colour, but the formula...dear God, what a nightmare! I've worn this polish three times now and every time it has bubbled on me. I've tried thin coats, thicker coats, different base coats, and nothing has worked. Fortunately a layer of top coat more or less hides the bubbles, but still. Not cool - and not what I'm used to from Nails Inc.

Little Miss Splendid is splendid enough (ba dum tss...) that I can overlook the rubbish formula, but only just. Are there any nail polishes you own that are the same way?

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