Saturday, 29 September 2012

Accessorize Colorado

I realised recently that I've been wearing almost nothing but blues on my nails recently, so I'm making a conscious effort to wear different colours now! Today I'm showing you Accessorize Colorado, a light grey polish with gold shimmer. I had a little trouble capturing the shimmer but you can kind of see it in the first photo. I used three coats for opacity.

This isn't the sort of polish I'd normally wear and I'm not 100% convinced it suits my skin tone, but I kind of like it anyway. It's a nice palette-cleanser. It reminds me a lot of Nails Inc Covent Ballet Garden but at half the price (yay!). I think Accessorize nail polishes don't get as much notice as they deserve - they have a good range of colours and they're purse-friendly. What do you think?

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