Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Topshop AWOL

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I bought Topshop AWOL, and I finally got around to wearing it the other day. It's a bright and bold electric blue that is apparently quite similar to Nails Inc Baker Street, although I don't have that polish so I can't say for certain. (I can tell you that it's lighter than OPI Dating a Royal, if that helps.) I'm a sucker for blue polishes, so this is pretty much my perfect colour. Even better, the formula was fantastic - I only needed two coats to achieve full opacity, and it was so easy to apply.

I think I must have held my hand at a weird angle when taking these photos, because it almost looks like an ombre manicure - getting a lighter shade of blue on each nail towards my pinkie. Weiiiiird...

I really can't express how much I love AWOL - I actually think this might be one of my favourite polishes that I've worn so far this year! I believe it originally came out last spring and I've heard it's getting quite hard to find, but my nearest Topshop still has a plentiful supply of it. (Mind you, the Boots just down the road from it still has bottles of Max Factor Fantasy Fire in stock...so clearly the people in my area do not appreciate inredible nail polishes when they see them!)


  1. I love blue polishes too. Nice swatching, I'm definitely going to have to track AWOL. down!