Thursday, 30 August 2012

Barry M Magentic Sparkle Blue

I went off magentic nail polish a while ago because every company seems to be doing it now, but I spotted one in Superdrug recently that looked pretty cool. Barry M Sparkle Blue may have one of the most boring names ever, but the polish itself is anything but dull. It's a sort of pale blue/grey before the magnet is applied, but after it's magnetised it reveals a stunning bright blue shimmer. The magnet it comes with is a fun star pattern. The first coat went on quite sheer but I used the magnet after painting on the second coat and it was perfectly opaque.

In hindsight I think perhaps I should have taken the photos in the shade because the sun obscures the pattern slightly, but I wanted to show how sparkly it is!

Pretty cool, isn't it? But wait, there's more...

It's a duochrome! At the right angle, the blue shimmer turns purple.

What's your opinion of magnetic nail polish? Are you still a fan or are you over it? Sparkle Blue may have just rekindled my love of it...

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