Thursday, 23 August 2012

Barry M Denim

Hi, a quick post today because I'm exhausted. I had a tiring day at work and then I went straight over to see my grandparents as it's their 60th wedding anniversary today. You know how you can get a birthday message from the Queen for your 100th birthday? Apparently the Queen also does them for people who have managed to remain married to someone for sixty years and not strangle them. My grandparents were so excited by their card from the Queen, they've been showing it to everyone!

Barry M Denim is a shimmery medium blue that, yup, looks a little bit like denim. It's very pigmented - almost a one-coater, although I did two for the photos - and dries to a satin finish, so I recommend using a top coat as I did. I automatically gravitate towards blues, but this is a particularly awesome one.

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