Monday, 30 July 2012

Nails Inc Haymarket Tape Mani

Good evening! Continuing with my quest to eventually swatch all my Nails Inc colours, today I'm showing you one of my favourite turquoise polishes, Nails Inc Haymarket. I'll probably do a comparison of all my turquoise polishes at some point, but for reference it's very similar in colour to Essie Turquoise & Caicos, only it's a creme rather than a jelly. This means that it covers in two easy coats, and it has the same flawless formula as all Nails Inc cremes.

Instead of showing it on its own, I decided to use it in a tape manicure. After painting on two coats and letting them dry thoroughly, I placed a lightning-edged French tip guide diagonally on each nail and painted over with Barry M Silver Foil. Turquoise and silver is one of my favourite colour combinations - it reminds me of Navajo jewellery.

Yeah...I don't know how that scratch on my ring fingernail got there.

The only disappointment was that Haymarket stained my nails, so I'd recommend doubling up on basecoat when you use it. It's a shame because my nails had just grown out from their previous staining (I'm looking at you, OPI Fly!). Ah, well.

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  1. I was this close to buying this polish but since I have Turquoise and Caicos, I'm going to pass. I also don't like that it stained. Omg...opi fly is the absolute worst!!! I think that Warwick Way also stained my nails really horribly. I need to try this kind of looks simple but very eye-catching.