Monday, 9 July 2012

Can You Keep a Secret?

I have a confession to make. For the last couple of weeks I have been harboring a deep, dark secret from you...

...I finally took the plunge and tried nail stamping!

It's something I've wanted to have a go at for a while, so I bought a Konad starter kit. The designs on the two plates it came with were pretty boring though, so I got a set of Bundle Monster plates too. I've been playing around with them and slowly getting the hang of stamping - I didn't want to mention it on here until I'd familiarised myself with it because I'm a bit of a perfectionist! Here's Barry M Silver Foil stamped over Essie She's Picture Perfect using one of the BM plates:

You can see there are some missing bits - I'm having a bit of trouble getting the images to transfer onto the nail perfectly - but hopefully this will improve with practice.

Have you tried stamping? Do you have any tips for a newbie like me?


  1. Great combination of colours. I quite like that your stamping isn't perfect, it gives it a distressed/ worn kind of a piece of vintage velvet fabric. :) Pretty!

  2. This is a really pretty combination. Did you buy some of the special Konad polishes? I would recommend that you start off with those because they are super easy to transfer on the nail. I also find that silver/metallic polishes work well for stamping overall. Welcome to the dark side of stamping! lol As you know, I am seriously addicted to stamping.

  3. Love this color combo! The stamping definitely gets easier over time. I honestly have had better luck with Sally Hansen polishes than my name brand Konad polishes. Just something to think about. :)