Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Essie Tour de Finance

Have any of my fellow Brits reading this heard of Restoration Man? It's a show on Channel 4 where people restore old houses. The reason I mention it is because they filmed a segment for it at the historic house I work at last week! I have a huge crush on the presenter, George Clarke (he just comes across like such a nice guy!), and when he smiled politely at me I went all gooey inside. Yes, I am that pathetic...

So anyway, here's what I was wearing that day: Essie Tour de Finance from this year's spring collection. It's a medium fuchsia with a blue shimmer. There are lots of similar polishes out there, but I like it regardless. It's bright and fun. The formula was good - this was three coats, but it didn't really need the third, I just did it out of habit. Like Models Own Sophie's Pink, it looks a lot more coral-coloured in artifical light than it does in real life.

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  1. I don't have this one and now I think I need it! It's very pretty.